Have new boots – need skirt

I do, I need a skirt.  Well, only because I live in jeans and would love a change, plus the new boots are lovely and its a great excuse to finally sew myself a wee pencil skirt.  OK.  I can do that, but which one?  There are several in the BurdaStyle mags I have, but I settled on this one in the end.


The pattern is traced out and I’ve cut up an old sheet for the muslin so will get onto sewing that up tonight.

It has some good reviews on PatternReview and I like the yoke but am not sure the kick pleat thingy is for me.  We’ll see.

The other item on the to do list is finishing the hems on two merino skivvies for the kids.  It got cold here all of a sudden and we certainly aint acclimatised.

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2 Responses to Have new boots – need skirt

  1. Rosy says:

    It’s really beautiful design! You can remove the fold back and make a pleat in ITS place ….

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