What I didn’t tell you about the #135 muslin

I am actually embarrassed to say that I let mum take the #135 muslin to wear on her trip.  She pleaded and said she didn’t mind the little things.  I am not happy with the trousers not enough for them to be worn anyway.

Apparently mum had planned on wearing them from the moment I told her I was making them in black linen and organised her travel packing around them.  She told me this only a few scant days before she  flew out so what could I do?   Yes, I had time to fix/cover most of the things I posted about earlier but not the other things I hadn’t bothered to do in the first place ‘cos it was a muslin.  So, I didn’t reinforce the pocket openings or at the bottom of the fly.  Fingers crossed they don’t fall apart.

Other than that I’ve done little sewing but a fair bit of thinking about my next project.  I’m going through my BS mags comparing various styles.  My next sewing learning stages involve a blouse/shirt, a pair of pants and jackets/coats.  Learning to do and things to make – this time for ME.  I’ll probably do the shirt first…… though I’ve been talking about that for months now.

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