#135 muslin is near enough done

Look!  Isn’t it pretty?  Yeah, well no.

Oddly enough I’m relatively happy with the muslin anyway as we got the fit sorted out with only minor tweaks.  I just wish I had engaged my brain a little more while sewing them up.

First with the pockets.  How on earth did I manage to put both pockets on backwards?  I don’t know but the the tops were flapping in the wind rather than being nicely lined up with the back pieces.  Then when I was pressing everything ready for a try on, I noticed something else – aren’t the pocket extensions supposed to be anchored by the zipper stitching?  All is well by the the fly extension but not on the other side because, obviously I didn’t position the pocket carefully enough plus it wasn’t flat when I stitched it in.  It certainly won’t lay flat now.  Fab.

Onto my other masterpiece, the waistband.  The picture shows you a lovely finish here so I’m sure you can guess how it went.  The first band I managed to sew on backwards.  While fixing it I must have punched a couple of holes through the fabric on one of the back pieces.  No idea how I did that.

Then once the new band was in I trimmed the zipper tape.  Check.  Um, except I cut it way too short and it popped straight out again.  Sigh.  But that wasn’t all – the petersham on the new band was on backwards.  Love that raw edge look.  Not.  Couldn’t be bothered fixing it even though the practice would have been good for me.

Anyway, I feel kinda exhausted just thinking about all the “damnit” moments.  THANK GOD IT IS A MUSLIN.

Mum and dad are off overseas for a holiday so I can ignore trousers for a few weeks.  Perhaps I’ll finish up some of the other stuff in my pile.  Or, gasp, start sewing something for me.

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2 Responses to #135 muslin is near enough done

  1. C says:

    You crack me up with all your stories of your mistakes.

    Sewing can be so frustrating at times.

    • Wish I cracked myself up too, but them’s the breaks about “celebrating failures” hey? I’m always more celebratory after the project is done than I am while mucking it up…!

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