Princess cloaks

I haven’t had a lot of time for sewing recently but did manage to whip up a couple of hooded cloaks for two little folk.  They chose their fabric from my pile of shiny stuff all of which I have found at op shops or in bargain bins.

They were able to stand still for a few minutes each so I could pin out the length and collar, get the hood right and position the button.

The hood is anchored at each side in the front, as you can see, and then at a couple of places across the back to keep it in position and give it that ‘cloak hood’ look.  The edges are a serged rolled hem, just selvedges or a very lazy tuck up and sew job.  All in all well good enough for Princes and Princesses dress-up day at preschool.

The orange sequin fabric in the first picture forms the hood for the second cloak which is otherwise the same as this one.

I think the silver fabric is a silk and a lovely one at that.  I didn’t realise until after I had cut it up and now I have only scraps left.  Perhaps I’ll burn test all my thrifty finds.

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