Waistbands and petersham ribbon

Did I mention that I put the waistband on BS 09/2010/135 and did so using David Coffin’s suggested petersham approach?  I had never heard of petersham until now so there you are, a new notion and a new technique.   Well, it couldn’t turn out worse than the few very poorly executed waistbands I’ve done to date.

Petersham ribbon stand - image from shopthegarmentdistrict.com

Petersham seems to be readily available online but I wanted to see what it was like, feel it, bend it before buying.  It is softer than I expected and nice to use actually so it has its place in my notions drawer now.

Fortunately I bought more than enough for #135 because I put the first entire waistband on inside out.  And when I gently unpicked it and turned it over, I needed a little more petersham at the fly overlap end so I had to dismantle the whole thing and redo it.

Oh, one thing I heard was that if you fuse interfacing without steam it won’t come off as readily when the garment is washed.  I have used the non-steam method on these pants so we’ll have to see what happens when mum puts them through the wash for the first time.

I’m nearly done and I now have until Friday to finish up the closures so mum can try them on for hemming.  Yipee.

PS the waistband looks great!

Edited to add : actually the band doesn’t look so good cos I put the petersham on the wrong way round.  Grrrr.  Oh, and the zipper tape aint secured by the band stitching cos I trimmed it too short.  Grrr grrrr.

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