BurdaStyle 09/2010/135 fly zipper

Oh my.  Wow.  I have done my first ever pants zipper fly and you know what?  It isn’t half bad.

I’m sure that in a-few-pairs-of-pants time I’ll be embarrassed by my lack of skill, but for now it will do nicely thanks.

Yes, the top stitching is a little wobbly, I grant you, and I decided to take a different line from the pattern, but overall I’m very happy.  Thank you to the Threads Sandra Betzina video tutorial (marvelous).

Shortly I’ll tackle the waistband and, assuming the sky doesn’t fall in, I should have the pants ready for mum to try on tomorrow.

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2 Responses to BurdaStyle 09/2010/135 fly zipper

  1. Mak Teh says:

    hello,it’s fantastic right?now no zippers can scare me away..

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