BurdaStyle 09/2010/135 in progress

I was at mum’s yesterday to see how the fit was and while I didn’t have the waistband done the rest was looking good, mostly.  I got the pockets and in and out seams done so have a general idea.  I haven’t taken in the side seams yet because I can do that later when the waist is finished just in case we need the extra room after all.

Fortunately this is a muslin of sorts, to check fit yes, but mostly for me to learn how to construct a basic pant.  Just as well too because I have unpicked the pockets twice.  Yes.  Twice.

The first time I sewed them wrong sides together.  Both pockets.  Including lining, pocket piece and top stitching.  Bugger.

Ok, so I unpicked them, repressed the pieces, switched the radio OFF and re-stitched.  Then I noticed the pocket pieces didn’t reach up to the waist band seam which it is supposed to do to secure the tops of the pockets.  Eh?  Oh.  Bugger again.

I had put the pocket pieces on back to front – the lining is the same right and wrong side you see……  Oh well, a couple of extra lines of stitching aren’t a problem on a muslin as long as I don’t do this on the real deal pair.  Mum you don’t really want a wearable muslin do you?  Hmmmm.

Other than that I today bought some petersham and interfacing for the waistband so tonight I will get the bright lights out, move the radio OUT of the sewing room and get on with it.

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