BurdaStyle 09/2010/135

I have finally started working on my mum’s birthday gift, BurdaStyle 09/2010/135.  Its been on my to do list for ages

The muslin seemed to fit OK with only minor modifications at the waist.  Then again I’m not really sure because this is the first time I have attempted an adult BurdaStyle pattern and the first time I have made ‘real’ trousers…….. You know, with a zip fly, lining and proper pockets.  At any rate I shall proceed regardless and all going well, mum will have something to try on when she comes to visit next week.

Because this is all new and BurdaStyle’s instructions are umm limited as usual I am very grateful for David Coffin’s excellent book Making Trousers for Men & Women and Sunni’s trouser sewalong at A Fashionable Stitch.  Both have already come in very very handy and will be particularly helpful when I get to the fly, pockets and lining.

The muslin was kind of a cheat as I tacked it up in black linen from my stash with a view to making it up properly unless there were serious fit issues.  As they fit pretty well I have carefully pulled them apart, re-done the darts properly and will get on with the pockets and lining tonight.

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