Sewing Space

Some very lucky and well organised folk have lovely, light filled perfectly proportioned sewing spaces within which they can hone their creativity.  Hmmm, yeah well that aint me.  I have a corner into which I kinda fit though mostly I end up doing layouts, cutting and so on in the lounge, dining room and office.  Yep.  Its driving me crazy.

This is my corner of the spare room and while I do have most of the double wardrobe there, the space I have to sew in is pretty small and its not very well lit particularly at night.  There’s a window by the ironing board but the sill is low so I can’t put the desk there cos stuff falls off the back if I do – I’ve tried.  The desk was perfect when I had only my one sewing machine but now I have serger and coverstitch machines too and I am constantly swapping between them and mucking about with cables and peddles.  Grrrrrr.

Righto, so there is definitely a new desk in my future and the plan is to banish the bed, rearrange everything and setup new more directional lighting.  This will free up a bunch of wall space too so when I figure out how to take a vaguely OK picture I can do so in my sewing room when required.

Now, for finding the perfect desk ……

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