Its all about the thread

Further to my troubles handling my Bernette 009DCC coverstitch  machine a couple of weeks ago, I had a lesson at the Bernina shop and last night decided to give it a try at home where the magic of the showroom wouldn’t interfere with my sewing reality!  I finished the hem, sleeves and neckline on two tops in 15 minutes without a hitch and they look great.  No missed stitches.  Not one.  Gremlin gone.

image from

In the end it was all about the thread – I was using the wrong stuff.  Simple.  I thought I had checked it too by swapping off the cheap serger stuff for regular sewing machine thread but while the cheap stuff is too uneven and burrrrry the SM thread is too thick for my delicate machine.  From now on I am going to use only the good stuff for coverstitching and keep the cheap crap for serging but it comes at a price.  I settled on the cheaper of two options they had, Mettler Seracor at about NZ$11 for a 1000m spool and it is working like a charm.

Oh dear, my sewing habit just got more expensive…..

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5 Responses to Its all about the thread

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  2. Louisa says:

    Such complicated difficulties solved with such simple designs! Sounds like an analogy for life doesn’t it? I love your blog Em and might just get inspired to dust off my plain old singer machine, give it an oil so it doesn’t squeak, and attempt something… Or just get you to make it for me!

    • Oh if only life was a simple as trying new thread! Do you think it will always be thread?! Hmmm. Go on Lou get out the ol’ machine. I dare you!!!! Though of course I love making stuff for you anyway.

  3. P. says:

    The solution to your problem is hard to make sense of; the loopers should be able to accommodate thicker thread no problem.
    If thicker thread is used for the needle thread, the machine should be able to compensate by using a larger needle eg a size 80 or 90. You would like to think that a machine that cost this much would be robust to accommodate SM thread. Perhaps it is the needle thread that is causing the difficulties?

    • You’re right it should be able to cope. Good idea to try a bigger needle – can’t remember what’s on there at the moment but I will give it a try because it would be so good to have the versatility to use my much larger range of SM thread colours. Thanks P

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