That damned coverstitch machine

I love my Bernette 009DCC coverstitch machine and I have used it plenty.

I bought it last year to complement my serger and sewing machine and it is wonderful for hemming.  For anything else, well not so much.

You see, every time I get it setup and ready, I grit my teeth as I reach for the garment I am working on.  Occasionally it hums through its work and I smile happily thinking I have finally ousted that blasted moody little gremlin.  But more often than not I end up ripping out more stitching than I leave in and sometimes I have to down tools and put myself in Time Out with a very large glass of wine.

Where I run into consistent difficulty is top stitching bound edges on knit tops, particularly around the armholes and neck.  Now this is one of the main reasons I bought the machine so I have to figure it out.  I have played with tensions, differential feed, stitch lengths, presser foot pressure, switching thread, needles and so on to no avail.  As soon as I stretch or pull/push a little as I guide the fabric under the presser foot, the stitches go wonky.  Short.  Long.  Bunched.  Skipped stitches singly or series of skipped stitches.  You name it.

I must be doing something really really wrong and so I have finally bitten the bullet and booked a lesson with someone who actually knows what they are doing.  Why oh why didn’t I do this sooner?

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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4 Responses to That damned coverstitch machine

  1. Marina says:

    Hi, I bought my 009DCC machine more then 10 years ago, and I hate it. I could never make it work on fabric that I want to use it for – stretchy fabric. That was the reason for buying this machine. Every now and then I try to see maybe it changed her ‘mind’ and it will work, but in vain. Recently I took it to Bernina center, but they also realized that it can not do. In that time that machine was very expensive, and I can not forgive myself for waisting money. But I have to let it go. Now when I look for the machine, I take some of the fabric that I want to use it on, and only if machine can do it, i will buy it.

    • Hi Marina – isn’t it awful to think of all that time and money wasted? Still, my machine works wonderfully now and all it was was the thread. It sounds like your machine was faulty from the start though and I really feel for you on that one. Good luck with finding a replacement

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