My wardrobe is empty

I have been living in the same collection of summer tanks and tees, jeans and shorts for months and now the warm weather has fled I have virtually nothing to wear.  The summer stuff isn’t warm enough, is worn out or both and I’m sick to the teeth it all anyway.  So what to do?  Sew and shop, clearly, and I have the beginnings of ideas plus plenty of fabric in my cupboard.

I like to layer so need tanks, long tees, blouses and tops for autumn and winter that I can cover with cardies, jumpers or whatever before heading outside.  Brrrr.  I would love some non-jean dress up/down trousers  plus at least one jacket too, though not sure I’m brave enough to make the trou or jacket myself yet.

Celine fall 2011 RTW from

Akris fall 2001 RTW from

Akris fall 2011 RTW from

Great pants – those fitted/skinny ones – and I love the cropped jackets.  Layering layering layering.

The basics are easy – I’ve got them marked in various BurdaStyle mags so will pull them out in due course.  Probably when I’ve had a chance to finish off some of the stuff I’ve already got on the go, huh?

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