Getting on with it

I have long realised that my ability to collect fabric and new patterns greatly out weighs my ability to get on with sewing them up.  I don’t feel too bad about this – there is a certain amount of happiness derived from thinking about all those future projects just waiting to be finished.  Plus, well lets be honest, there are many many other sewers in the same boat as me.  I am in excellent company.

Part of the problem for me is that while I am still just getting back into sewing, I love to look at, wish for and plan for projects that I think are a bit too advanced for me, that require skills and techniques I don’t have or haven’t tried yet.  Sometimes I just get on with it anyway but more often than not I don’t and procrastinate – looking up books and googling tutorials, taking far too many notes, checking my favourite blogs for tips.  Then I sew something else instead.

An example – since the back-issue of BurdaStyle magazine arrived in the post (before Christmas) I have wanted to make this shirt:

BurdaStyle 02/2010/113

Instead, I have finished a bunch of stuff for the kids, and one of these:

BurdaStyle 08/2010/119

and a couple of tees for me.

I did learn a new technique (french seams), completed my first project using chiffon from my stash (thrifted for $5 for 4.4m too no less).  So, not all bad, but still not the crisp white shirt.

Wish me luck – I will start to trace the pieces out tonight and hopefully later in the week start practicing collars and collar stands, button holes…..and so much more….

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